Things to Consider When Moving House

A Manchester Removals Company Advice on Things to Consider When Moving House


One of the things that make moving house complicated is trying to take all the items from removals Manchester your old home into your new one. You can make things a lot easier on yourself if you get rid of clutter.

Get rid of anything that you have not used in the past year. Bring it all out in a pile, including clothes, toys, and electronics and throw out anything that you cannot get rid of in a garage sale.

Once you have only valuable items open your garage and let your neighbors and other know that you have a garage sale. Not only will this help make moving easier, it will also help you raise a little money that you can use to settle into your new home.moving boxes

Get a lawyer to look into your new contract

Many people get short changed when it comes to tenancy contracts because they don’t read between the lines. Before you sign anything make sure that you get a lawyer who deals with tenancy contracts to look over yours. They are looking for any loopholes that you may be held liable for in the future.

Contact all suppliers

Make sure that all your suppliers know that they should cancel your old address and update it with the new one. This includes things like the mail, any delivery companies that you use, your gas supplier, water supplier, phone providers, your bank and credit card companies, your employer, your doctor, schools, your vet and so on. You should also give your insurance company all the information they need to provide appropriate cover for your new home.

Plan your moving day carefully.plan moving home

The actual move is the most stressful part of getting into your new home but if you plan carefully you can make it a lot easier. Make sure that your current tenant gives you a couple of days to clear out – you will not have to rush around to make sure that everything is done on the same day. Clean your new home in advance – if you move your property in there before it is thoroughly cleaned you will have a hard time getting it habitable. The way you pack also makes a big difference – make sure that like items go together.

It is always best to hire a moving company… like us. You can get a free Quote here

A removals company like us at Best Moves UK, will pack all your items safely in boxes and label them so that settling into your new home is easier and faster. Make sure that you hire one that provides a comprehensive service – they should not only move you out of your old home but into your new one as well.

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Rochdale Removal Days Are Our Favourite Kind Of Removal Days

Rochdale Removal Days

Hello Friends!

We have had a really busy few weeks. We have been removing furniture from dozens of houses, we have been helping people move offices and we have had the mad rush of getting students settled into their student accommodation. Sometimes, all that lifting and driving can really be tiring work. At the end of a long day, I’m exhausted!

Last Monday morning, Mark woke me up really early. I wasn’t pleased at all. He disturbed my wonderful dream where I was about to win ‘Best in Show’ at Crufts. Mark said we were going to Rochdale removals that morning to help a lady move out of her apartment. I really did not want to get out of bed. It had been a tiring week and this dog needed his beauty sleep. How am I ever going to win Crufts if I don’t get my 8 hours of sleep?

After much persuasion (and a couple of extra dog treats), I agreed to help Mark with his removals job in Rochdale. We drove up the snaking roads and over the grassy moors. Then, Mark parked up the Best Moves Removal van and turned off the engine. “SURPRISE!” he shouted, “I’ve woke you up extra early for a relaxing walk before our removals job in Rochdale”.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Mark showed me his favourite view from Rochdale, you could see the whole of Bury. This walk was just what I needed to relax after a long week.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset IMG_5713

We even made some unexpected friends.

I was so happy! Mark knows exactly how to get me excited for a day of work. Afterwards, we helped the lady in Rochdale move from her apartment. She was so happy with our enthusiasm at work, all thanks to that lovely morning walk.

IMG_5703 IMG_5705

Do you have any morning rituals that make your work day better?

I want to hear about them.

See you around!

Love buddy

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Where has your removals company been to this week?

 Our Removals Company past week

Hi friends,

I love being part of a Manchester removals company. We get to visit new and exciting people every day. You never know where you are going to be tomorrow or who you will meet.

When the Best Move UK phone rings I can’t wait to find out who we are going to visit next. I couldn’t believe it when Mark hung up the phone and told me our next job was at F.C. United of Manchester grounds. I had my head out of the window the whole way there.

When we got there we met Manny who is the grounds keeper at F.C. United of Manchester. He showed us around and we helped him move furniture out of the grounds. I was wagging my tail the whole time, it was so exciting. Manny was really grateful and had some kind words to say about our removal service.

A clip from our day at F.C. United of Manchester’s stadium.

I loved working at F.C. United of Manchester’s football grounds. There really never is a boring day as a furniture removals dog. I couldn’t wait to tell my mates about it on our walk later that evening. I bought them all souvenirs too!

dog 2

 Here is Billy wearing his football strip. He wore it to the kennels and got loads of compliments.

dog 1

Sandra said her shirt was a little tight. I think its got something to the amount of dog treats her owners give her.

dog 3

Max is more of a cricket fan. He said he won’t be wearing his to the pub.


I love meeting new people and visiting new places. I wonder who the next friendly face will be….

I’m sure you’ll find out soon.

Love buddy

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How can you be sure our removals company will look after your belongings?

Buddy the removals Dog from Bury

Hi friends, it’s Buddy.

Being removals bury dog, Buddy, I have met a lot of people wanting to move house. I know that sometimes moving can be stressful and finding the right person can be an additional headache. When you Google ‘removal company’ thousands of results appear and it is hard to know who to choose. I have heard customers sigh “Who can I trust to move all my prized possessions to my new house?”

The thing is – moving should not be stressful, it should be exciting.

Finding someone to help you move should be easy. Finding someone you can trust with all your belongings should not be hard. You want someone who will look after your belongings, treat them with care and get them to their new destination safely.

So, I had an idea. To show you all just how light handed and cautious the Best Move UK team are… we made a pie. We made it with great care to show you the standards we enforce on the job.

image         image (1)

We walked to Peel Tower and delicately picked the wimberries ourselves.

We took extra caution bringing them home – because that is what we do.

image (3)         image (4)

We gently washed the berries and rolled out the pastry. Here is Mark being ever so careful.

image (2)          image (5)

We washed our hands because we didn’t want to get any grubby marks on the pie. Then we delicately assembled the pastry on top.

We take the same care when it comes to your furniture. We don’t want to get grubby marks on anything, and we carry everything carefully. Why? Because we love producing great results, whether it is happy customers or a beautiful looking pie.


image (6)

and it was rather beautiful looking….

Until next time.

Love buddy

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Meet Removal Company Dog Buddy

Manchester favorite removals dog

Hi Friends,

My name is Buddy. I run a removal company in Manchester with my friend Mark. We drive around Greater Manchester and visit our friend’s houses.


Meet Buddy and Mark

We help them move offices and homes. We don’t do it all ourselves of course (I’m no good at heavy lifting). We have a team of highly skilled professionals who specialise in loading and unpacking vans. What’s more, our friendly team are always on time and super efficient. They don’t mind lifting your heavy furniture so that moving can be a stress free process. In fact, they enjoy it. Mark can even be found whistling ‘Happy’ by Pharrell on a Monday morning.

Click on the song to brighten up your day.

My job is to accompany the team on the road and greet our lovely customers. As you imagine, we have a wide range of customers needing our help. We have helped busy businesses move offices in record timing and students who have forgotten to wash their pots and pans before boxing them away. The team has helped assemble furniture for homemakers who have thrown away the Ikea instructions. My favorite kind of job is helping new families move into their first home. There is always an excitable feeling and we are there with them, making sure their moving day is hassle free.

photo (2)

On the way, I have had some very exciting adventures. Now, I can share them with you on my very own blog! Keep your eyes peeled for stories about my life on the road, being a removal company dog can be very interesting.

Love buddy

Dog buddy

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